Zerek Fab Miata Pro Angle Kit Testing!

Zerek Fab Miata Pro Angle Kit Testing!

Dalton Bailey, Took his 1JZ VVTI Swapped NB Miata our for a day of testing!

Dalton has been a longtime supporter and driver, After seeking improved Suspension Geometry and more angle in his front suspension Dalton and Zerek Fabrication came up with a plan to make an angle kit like nothing else on the market.

After extensive collaboration on the Pro angle kit, He successfully tested it on his NB Miata, after prepping his car for the test day, only changes he needed to make to the kit at the track was a quick toe adjustment! This is the same results we got after our testing on local tracks. We both had the same reactions on how this angle kit will change the car from what we knew the Miata Chassis felt like, to now being such a predictable car that makes you feel confident throwing speed and angle!  This angle kit is the real deal! After extensive collaboration and testing, we can confidently say that it will change the game for your NB Miata. Just a quick toe adjustment at the track to fit your driving style and you're good to go!


We will be keeping this Angle kit on the shelfs very soon, Along with any spare parts needed! 


Miata Drift Dalton Bailey Pro Angle Kit

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