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Zerek Fabrication

Bolt-In V1 Miata Door Bars

Bolt-In V1 Miata Door Bars

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Zerek Fabrication V1 Bolt-in Miata door bars were designed to function with any style of our roll bars. Our Miata door bars bolt directly to the roll bar and to the floor, stiffening the chassis and also providing side impact support. Our door bars work with factory seats along with many other aftermarket bucket seats (feel free to send us an email to confirm fit and please attach photos of your seat).


What sets our V1 style door bars apart from our V2 style?

Our V2 version door bars are for the spirited canyon driver that doesn't mind sacrificing a little comfort for increased safety, and also for the avid track goer. For those that still daily their track car, or simply do not wish to fully cage it yet, the V2 door bars paired with our roll bar will give you adequate reinforcement on the track. The V1 style is designed for the daily driver, to ease of getting in and out of the vehicle and maximize comfort. We offer the tightest fit along with the most height and comfort, our 45 degree bend at the front of our V1 door bars will allow you to comfortably get your legs in and out of the vehicle.



Fits '90-'05 Mazda Miata

Backing plates included

Complete set of hardware included

Durable Silk Satin black powdercoat with a 25% gloss level (custom colors are available)




NA(90-97) - models with manual window cranks, door bar will be in very close proximity

NB (99-05) - trimming to the door panel required


Products that do not show "in stock" when adding to cart  have a 2-4 week lead time (does not include ship time). You may still place your order to reserve your spot in line, as we do each product in batch quantities. 

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