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Mazda Miata (90-05) Pro Angle kit

Mazda Miata (90-05) Pro Angle kit

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After years of having this kit on our mind and many redesigns, along with testing done into developing this kit, We are very excited to share with you all the new Pro Angle kit!


In the Making of the "ProKit" from Zerek fabrication.

 We didn't want to just develop an angle kit that only gave you angle, as this isn't what the Miata chassis is lacking the most in a drifting aspect. We have developed a kit that is focused on every geometry aspect and tested with many different components that have gave us the opportunity to feel the cars handling characteristics, thus allowing us to achieve what we have today!  The test Vehicle has been a 500HP LS3 Drift Miata, that has been driven by three different people for the most feedback possible, and well, in the end, the result was the same with every driver saying, "It's Perfect".

While our measurements and geometry are perfect, we still have one more aspect that had to be developed on this kit, and that is how the kit gets to you and ease of installation. This kit will come with everything you need, and a binder of instructions with photos for install, special tools you will need, and even our recommended settings along with some trouble shooting for handling characteristics.

What Geometry got changed on this kit other than adding angle?

We have made about every geometry change that you can possibly do! This includes the following: Trail was the first one we changed to help get the car easier to handle, and this helped pull a lot of the snappy feeling out of the car. Next was Kingpin angle, which was adjusted to help get the knuckle to rotate between the Lower control arm. This allowed us to run a Double Shear lower uni-ball and replace the factory ball joint. The knuckle is cut out to pivot between the arm at full lock...this was the major change to fix many of the problems we couldn't resolve with our Pro-Am kit having a factory ball joint. 


What Geometry can I adjust once I install the kit? 

This kit will come shipped to you with a base setting we highly recommend you do NOT change unless you are more advanced and understand suspension. With that being said the following can be changed once the kit is installed. 

Wheelbase: +/- .5 inch 

Track width: the lower rod ends are parallel to the subframe, which allows you to adjust .5" in or out on the LCA length. While you can also do the same with the upper control arm, you do not change your camber by doing so.  

Roll center: Via upper arm angle, simply add spacers under the upper uni-ball 

Ackerman: optional Ackerman washers will be available to give you a full range of +/- Ackerman (factory setting will be a 0 washer)

Independent caster adjustment: this is achieved in two different ways, one can be done by changing the shimming on the upper arm, or you can adjust the rear rod end. 

Bump steer: The tie rod will not connect to a double shear pin on the knuckle with a stack of spacers to easily adjust bump steer.

Shock motion ratio: You have two options for your shocks' mounting point. This is a great, quick adjustment to play around with, as it can almost feel like a spring rate change. 


The kit will come with more in depth details on what all those settings will do, along with what direction you change them in. 




steering Angle: 65 degrees parallel 69 degrees with Ackerman/toe setting

Double shear knuckle with a 2-inch drop and adjustable bump steer!

Double shear Lower control arm-we made this arm a 2-pc design to allow us to have a break away point in a hard hit. This helps from having to replace a full arm or more!

2 Bolt upper control arm-we got rid of the 1ft long bolt that every Miata currently uses for the upper arm. Instructions will show you how to tap the upper arm to bolt our upper arm on easier than ever!

Rack offset spacers

No bushings-everything is either uni-ball or rod end! 

Replacement parts will be available only to those who have the kit, instructions will have a specific S/N to your kit. 


Parts list

2 Assembled  Pro front lower arms

2 assembled Pro Front upper arms

2 Pro drop knuckles

2 Pro brake lines

2 pro Outer tie rod spacers 

2 rack offset adapters

1 Pro Instructions book, this must be kept with the kit! A replacement will not be available! 



Price for the kit when you check out is currently only a deposit! We are not expecting to have this kit shipped until December, soonest would be October. Kits will ship in line with orders received. When the kit is ready to ship, we will send you an invoice for the remainder due of 1,700.00. You can also make payments on the kit while we are working on it, just email us to arrange that. 



More Photos and videos will be uploaded. This is a new listing so we will add photos as we progress on this, as we currently have one heading out for testing on the east coast...

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